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Liz Odessky
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Hello my dearies, it’s Liz; a spastic, obsessive, feminist nerd. If you feel you can put up with that, feel free to friend me. This journal is semi-friends only; all graphics & fan fictions will be visible to the public, while any rants or otherwise random bits about my life in the real world will be viewable only by those on my friends list. Cheers.

Star Wars; Harry Potter; Wicked the Musical; Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West; Lord of the Rings; Lost; Alias; RENT; Tamora Pierce novels; Movie Themes & Scores; Pirates of the Caribbean; Studio Ghibli; Blech; Battlestar Galactica; Nip/Tuck; Spring Awakening; Spelling Bee; Into the Woods; Hair; Aida; Son of a Witch; The Inheritance Trilogy; Chicago; The DaVinci Code; Journals of Leonardo DaVinci; Philosophy; Matrix Trilogy; V for Vendetta; Schindler’s List; Love Actually; Titanic; Bourne Trilogy; Amelie; Pan’s Labyrinth; HIM; Hans Zimmer; John Williams; Danny Elfman; Steven Schwartz; The Red & The Black; Mika; Idina Menzel; Comic Books (yes, I do collect); Foreign Cinema; Contemporary Art; Foreign Languages; Photography; 1984; The Assistant; Titanic; Reading; Writing; Kitties; Wicked Witches & Elves.

Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse; Vampires; Large Crowds; Needles; Needless Violence; Alcohol; Tobacco; Drugs; Sweat; People in my ‘Bubble’; Superstition; Rap; Hip Hop; Dancing; Novels Aimed at Teenage Girls; Teenage Girls & Guys; Testosterone; Being Left Without Hand Sanitizer; Snakes; Cockroaches; Dogs; Jacen Solo; Dumb Blondes; Star Trek; My Inability to Sing, Draw, or Dance; Homophobes; Anal Christians (no, not all of them); Skinheads; Nazis; Bigots; Racists; Republican Snobs; Snobby Rich Kids; The Wizard of Oz; Most American Films; Shojo; Badly-Written Slash; Bluegrass; Texas; Allergies; Hives; Doctors; Hypocrites; Jane Austen; The Joy Luck(Suck) Club; Forget Paris; Immigrants Who Don’t Bother to Learn the Language of Their New Home; Flamers; Prequel Trilogy; Ewoks; Hayden Christensen; Celery & Green Beans.

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